‘The Parliament’ is the first book in the
Wild Collections series by Sawers & Hardy.

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"The Memory" 


Our next instalment tells the story of Lesley: a little Indian mountain elephant who’s ever-so shy, and rather forgetful! Growing up with a memory of elephants who pride themselves on remembering things and sharing elaborate stories, Lesley starts to wonder if she’ll ever fit in...

"The Paddling" 


Next comes Ellie the lazy duckling, who runs into trouble when the British winter wreaks havoc on her little pond. Can she escape the solid grip of the ice with the help of her friendly (albeit slightly clueless) paddling of ducks? An encounter such as this might teach anyone the importance of keeping fit - the hard way!

"The Bask" 

This bask of crocodiles may seem terrifying (and they are) but don’t worry - they can’t be bothered to do anything most of the time. However, Brock the croc breaks the mold. The busiest, whizziest fidget of them all, poor Brock gets lumped with all the work and gets none of the credit. Can he stand up for himself and learn to say ‘no’ to the rest of the bask?

"The Mischief" 

Don’t let their size fool you; Mimi the mouse and her two brothers are some of the cleverest and most mischievous masterminds of the rodent world. A trip to Granny’s house ends rather unexpectedly after this terrible trio puts it’s cunning plan into action… but how did they do it? 

"The Shiver" 

Never judge a book by it’s cover, especially this one. Sally may be a scary ocean predator, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feelings! Swim along with this shiver of sharks as they make new friends on the beautiful coral reef and learn that frightening creatures might be just as scared as you are...