Our Debut - 'The Parliament' Paperback

Book 1 in the Wild Collections Series

Get your hands on a First Edition Paperback copy today for wacky words, intricate illustrations, oodles of owls and reams of rhymes! 

Fun, rhythmic verses tucked into beautifully vibrant illustrations make ‘The Parliament’ a joy for children and adults alike. Every page is bursting with colour and rich vocabulary to challenge your child (and maybe even you).


Fans of Dr Seuss and Pip Jones will love the bouncing flow of the Wild Collections series as it follows the plights of each lovable animal. A charming bedtime story that explores sharing wisdom, overcoming self-doubt and the importance of helping others. This little book promises to crack a smile and warm the heart.

Now available to buy and ship anywhere in the UK thanks to our lovely Kickstarter Backers <3

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