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We want our books to be more than just fun to read and beautiful to look at. 

Wild Collections dares to be different.


With 'Synchronous Learning'

We’ve developed a feature in every book called the BIG SCARY WORD; our specially designed tool to make learning new vocabulary FUN whilst challenging adults and children at the same time.

This kickstarts a process known in education as 'synchronous learning'.


Bringing you (the reader) into this learning process alongside your child tips the usual balance, 

allowing both parties to learn together and challenge each other.


Don't worry, this doesn't mean the whole book is hard to read! You'll find a definition for each

BIG SCARY WORD somewhere in the book. We just want to encourage you both

to challenge yourselves and use this word in conversation or written work.


The idea is to remove the ‘scary’ element of learning new vocabulary, by breaking down this barrier

and thereby putting kids and their parents & carers on an equal playing field.


The beauty of learning new words in this way is that you can easily and instantly test it out on others.


So go on, impress the pants off someone after reading one of our poems. 

(Then watch your child do the same!)


Why it's important

Remember that old phrase, 'the pen is mightier than the sword'? These immortal words were written in 1839, and couldn't be more true today. Your vocabulary (and importantly, that of the next generation) is key to developing strong communication.

As it strengthens, it shapes their ideas and interactions, both in school and at home.


How many wrongs could have been righted with better communication? Every motivator in history, famous or not, knew one thing. 


It all starts with vocabulary.


We hope you love what you've seen so far...

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Most importantly, talk to friends and family about us!

Improving everyone’s vocabulary is what we’re all about, and you will be helping to spread the messages of growth, self acceptance, wellness and friendship that this series embodies.


With your help, this book will inspire multiple generations, reminding us to

cherish one another, our world and ourselves. 


Where to next?

‘The Parliament’ is only the start.

We want to create a series of 12 books to make up the rest of the Wild Collections series.

More titles to look forward to include:


"The Memory" - Elephants

"The Paddling" - Ducks

"The Mischief" - Mice

"The Flamboyance" - Flamingos

"The Shiver" - Sharks

"The School" - Dolphins

"The Bask" - Crocodiles

"The Romp" - Otters


Yes, these ARE the actual names for groups of these critters! If you love these animals, let us know! What's your favourite? Do you have another suggestion of your own?


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